Gunt Hoska

Moody Bastard


Gunt is a hot-head, pain in the ass. He is moody, uncouth and argumentative… he is also the greatest starship gunner in the galaxy. His value to the ship is measured in the amount of scrapes he has pulled the crew out of or threats he has outright blasted.

His talent does not come cheap, he is well paid. That said, he also has never stuck with one starship crew as long as he has with The Hawk. He genuinely likes Da’Naer, and tolerates the rest.

His temperament is so abrasive he usually is not involved in any of the ship’s business unless muscle is needed. This has made him very reclusive, not helping his bad attitude.

He is hates almost all races equally but has a strong infatuation with Dug women, to whom he becomes tongue-tied and meek. He has been known to throw all his earnings away in an effort to impress a less than enthusiastic Dug.

Gunt Hoska

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