Riq "Crash" Da'Naer

Self-proclaimed greatest starpilot and smuggler in the galaxy.


Riq is fits the stereotype of Correlian space jockey perfectly. He was raised on a starship and cut his teeth as a freighter captain during the tail end of the Great Galactic War at the young age of sixteen and developed quite a reputation during the ensuing Cold War.

If there is an illegal activity done with a starship, Da’Naer has done it. He has developed into a very reliable man to have around, who knows all the right people and can get the job done.


Syphus Baan – Co-Pilot – Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
Emma Sonn – Business Partner – Zeltron Negotiator
Gunt Hoska – Gunner – Aqualish Bastard
Ji Ton – Cabin Boy/Mechanic – Ex-Slave Kid
GH-7T “Patch” – Modified Meddroid


Xs freighter

Nomad Gyrhawk

Riq "Crash" Da'Naer

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