Syphus Baan

Cold and efficient Mandalorian bounty hunter.


Mandalorian bounty hunter who has attached himself to the Nomad Gyrhawk for reasons that are his own. He is not a very open person about his motives, but it is clear that he and Riq Da’Naer have a close relationship. Whatever binds them, neither is forthcoming with the details. That being said, he is also the highest compensated member of the crew. Where others get a single share of the ship’s income, Syphus gets three.

A member of Clan Varad, Syphus has struck out on his own to find his fortune as many Mandalorians tend to do. He is a skilled tracker, but his real talent is as a marksman. There are few, even among the Mandalorians, who can match him with a rifle.

Syphus Baan

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