Zandar Vexx

Deceptively handsome and remarkably skilled apprentice to Darth Studis.


Kept from the Sith imperial machine for the majority of his training, Zandar is very much an enigma. He was not traditionally trained at the Sith Academy. He was trained by Darth Studis on an undisclosed world by unsanctioned means.

Because of his unorthodox training he is not trusted by most other Sith. Many mistakenly think that because his mettle was not tested properly in the caldron that is the cut throat culture of the Sith Academy, that Zandar is weak. That mistake is usually only made once by the Sith wishing to test his strength, who is usually never seen again.

As Darth Studis has become more reclusive, Zandar has begun to take on more responsibilities from his master. It is one such responsibility that has brought him to Kaas City. He is acting as proxy for his master, answering the call to appear before the Dark Council for a mission of grave importance.


Saarai kintik

The Saarai-kintik

Zandar Vexx

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