Star Wars: Old Republic - Power of the Darkside

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Player Character Introductions and Secret Agendas
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Episode 1: Agents of the Dark Council

The Mission is given. Allies, public and secret, are met.
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Episode 2: Price of Loyalty

Loyalties are called into question and suspicions are acted upon.
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Episode 3: Headhunters

The clock is ticking as the mission begins in earnest.
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Episode 4: The Package

The mission: Recover the Mandalorian, Marell Lowe, before the plant blows up.
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Episode 5: The Blood Price

The only person who knows the location of the lost Sith Lord, Darth Inferis, is the Mandalorian traitor Marell Lowe. To complete their mission Lowe must live, whatever the cost.
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Episode 6: Battle of Colonial Station Cam’co

With Mandalorian support arranged, the agents of the Dark Council and their smuggler crew plan an assault deep into Chiss space.
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Episode 7: Ara’Novor

Leaving the struggle for Colonial Station Cam’Co behind them, the agents of the Dark Council and their smuggler crew enter the mysterious Chasdemonus Route hyperspace lane. Traveling the lane is treacherous, but it is the only way to the missing Sith lord. To find him, they must brave the perilous nebula the Ara’Novor.
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Episode 8: Kor’bit Enbres

Having made landfall on the hidden planet of Kor’bit Enbres, the agents of the Dark Council and their entourage make travel to the mysterious temple to find the missing Sith lord Darth Inferis only to find that ambitions may be too large for all to return alive.
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Finale: Darkness

The agents of the Dark Council, having penetrated the lair of Darth Inferis, now face one of their own for the fate of the galaxy.
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