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  • 1-9th Imperial Special Forces Battalion

    !(media-item-align-right){height:465px;width:400px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/120490/569px-Imperial_Intelligence_Special_Operations_Command.png(569px imperial intelligence special operations command)! The 1st Battalion, 9th Imperial Special …

  • Cerro Lassiter

    He is a consumate professional that favors prudence and decorum. His impeccable manner is only surpassed by his sense of style. He always seems ready for a dress inspection, even in one of the biggest war-zones in the galaxy. His uniform is always …

  • Commander Wilum Cress

    Commander of an elite Imperial special forces unit based on [[Ord Mantell]], [[1-9th-imperial-special-forces-battalion|The Headhunters]]. They specialize in hot L.Z. insertions, high collateral-high profile targets, hit and run maneuvers, and insurgent …

  • Lieutenant Kimo Lemmix

    Imperial maintenance bay officer attached to the [[1-9th-imperial-special-forces-battalion|1-9th Special Forces Battalion]]. Seemingly a simple man with simple tastes, he is actually much more than he appears.

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