Clan Varad

Varad mandalorian
Members of Clan Varad have an aggressive and violent reputation among the Mandalorian community, owed to decades of raiding and plundering from their hidden compounds.

Clan Varad was led by chieftain Mavrix Varad, a male warrior considered bloodthirty by his peers. Forcing his kinsmen to face demanding combat trials, those who failed to meet Varad’s standards were used for sparring or even hunting practice for the clan’s younger members. However, those that succeeded in the Varad clan were often rewarded with a substantial influx of credits and weaponry from the clan’s latest pillage.

Mavrix Varad clashed on a personal level with the Mandalorians’ reigning Mand’alor, Mandalore the Vindicated. Clan Varad members became unwelcome at the Mandalorian-held stronghold of Geonosis because of the animosity between the Varad and other clans.

Some of Clan Varad have decided to separate themselves from Mavrix’ after his death and have struck out on their own.

Clan Varad

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