Sith Academy

Sith academy korriban

Located on the planet of Korriban, it is a facility dedicated to training Force sensitives in the ways of the Sith, and running archaeological projects in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

Entrance to and life at the Sith Academy is difficult. To be admitted, prospective students are required to impress one of the teachers or students who was already in the Academy, receiving as proof a medallion, or to kill a student and take his or her medallion. Fallen Jedi usually do not have much difficulty gaining admission, because they had already been trained in the ways of the Force. Prospective students are forced to compete against each other in a group; one would gain enough prestige to impress the headmaster and become a true Sith, while the others would be forced to wait a year before trying again, assuming they survived.

Competition is fierce, and many students are killed in their attempts to outdo their competitors. Further, the Sith hold no qualms about killing students to either facilitate an acquaintance’s acceptance of the dark side or preventing other students being held back. Some students prefer to engage each other in a lethal duel within the Sith training room. Even the Academy’s headmaster is not immune to backstabbing. It is not uncommon for a headmaster to be overthrown by his or her second-in-command. Whenever this or other political intrigue hits the academy, people have a tendency to disappear.

The cruelty is further demonstrated by the penchant of Academy students to visit the nearby colony of Dreshdae and torment hopefuls wishing to enter the academy. The Sith also keep their own store of captive Republic soldiers for practice in torture and battle, and have a prison wing to detain and interrogate prisoners. It is also complete with an interrogation room, where Sith officers brutally interrogate their prisoners.

Sith Academy

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